Episode #36 Carpe Diem

Episode #36: Carpe Diem


The Show Black Mirror show Recap…


Potential situations of the show:

  • First Date sucks… are the app say for 5 years/10 years
  • First Date Great… app says together for 3 weeks.  


In the episode… the date went so well, they didn’t want to look


Using Similar Psychology…

  • If you didn’t know how long you would be with your current partner, how would you treat him/her
  • If you didn’t know how long you would be with him/him when you got together, would it have made a difference in how you treated him/her.

So here we are today… no matter where you are… you’re there…   You can start fresh.


Dan’s disease - Changed my behavior.


People think there’s always time.  

In Business, if you own a biz… there may be a great 5 or 10 year run in your specific industry… YOU NEED to MAX that out.  Or maybe you have an amazing sales manager… and he/she may take their talents elsewhere if they don’t feel fulfilled both financially and psychologically.  So you wouldn’t take things for granted with a valuable employee, you want to do what’s necessary to keep him/her producing at a high level. 

  • Terry Fator - 10 years running: NOT taking things for granted. 
    • Always working on himself and the show.


Action Steps:

  1. Find appreciation every single day. (Seriously)

    2. Ask Quality Questions: 

    1. What can I do today to make my partner smile?
    2. What can I do to make my partner’s life easier?
    3. What if we only had 2 years left, how would I treat him/her

     3. Repeat and Create a Success Habit


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