Episode #25: Investing in Your Success 

We Talk about business.  When businesses are stagnant, they are neither growing or declining… 

In relationships, if we are not engaged, talking, connecting, we are becoming stagnant, and like a business… will not grow.  In relationships… staying in a state of stagnation, will lead to disengagement and disinterest.

Companies that are moving forward are always innovating… moving forward.  The same thing in a marriage.  

  • Simple end of day with partner… how was your day?... yet not really listening or being present.
  • Often times it’s a “throw away” conversation…. something that just happens, yet it’s surface.
  • Having surface conversations with your partner is similar to going to a company leadership meeting and not being present…. over time, you are disassociated with the vision and the mission.
  • What you put in is what you get out… 
  • As time goes by… 
  • With some relationships… the sex is the communication.  Nothing much after that.
  • Steven Covey… building up emotional deposits…. into the bank of love.
  • What would you do if you were dating that person.


Action Steps:

  • If you business is stagnant, it’s NOT going to magically change… same for relationships
  • If you wanted to improve a certain part of your business, what would you do?
  • Dr. Gottman - Dreams.
  • Hi Honey… how was your day?: Act "AS IF" you are doing research. "As if" you care. Act AS IF you are writing a story about it.
    • Dysfunction in business… and there is also dysfunction in relationships.  My ex… didn’t want to ask her, because she would literally talk for an hour. 
  • You have a choice… if you disengage, your relationship will struggle.
  • Act as if YOU ARE STILL Still Dating.
  • Create a ritual. Before dinner… let’s you and me take 30 mins.
  • Response Ideas:
    • How does that make you feel?
    • What do you think about that?
    • Tell me more about that?
    • Have you thought about your next steps?

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