Episode #43: Married and Lonely

Jennifer reads post:  (Being lonely within marriage with hopes of being seen and heard)

Examples: Two Examples of friends

Three Elements of a Successful Relationship

  1. Positivity
  2. Consistency
  3. Vulnerability

Consistency is usually taken care of with the context of marriage or relationship so it is always the vulnerability or positivity that will be lacking. There are two times you can fix this - In the beginning of your relationship AND after you’ve been in it for any number of years… 

Below are questions to ask yourself about your relationship… if you answer yes to any of these, then both elements could be lacking. And don’t worry, we’ll give you a guide on how to fix them.

Let’s start with early on in the relationship:

Pre-marriage or early marriage questions to uncover red-flags:

  • Being “best-friend” first is paramount


Internal questions:

  • Do you feel like you can share life-challenges with your partner?
  • Do you feel “seen” and acknowledged?
  • Do you feel heard?
  • Do you feel like you can share life goals, or your hopes and dreams with your partner… and feel supported.
  • Are there things that bother you about your partner that you’re afraid to share with him/her


Early Relationship Solution: If you’re early in your relationship, meaning still dating, you’ll need to really look at this and ponder if this is something you need to feel more comfortable doing, meaning, are you innately afraid of being vulnerable? Is this something you need to work on to deepen your relationships? Or, if you are able to do this in previous relationships and you don’t have it with your current partner, is truly the person for you?

Long - Term Relationship Solution:

(Softeners Section) 

Take your partner on a date… or something interactive… LIKE A TEAM BUILDING! Companies use this to break down walls and barriers!

(Sidestepping or overcoming FEAR)

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