Episode 43: The LEAD Measure... How to Get MORE of what you want.

In business, experts talk about working on the lead measure to increase sales. For instance, a life insurance company often times sets it’s accountability or measurement piece on what’s called the LEAD measure, not the result.  For instance, to determine if the life insurance rep will his or her quota, they often times measure the “meetings” or "appointments" with the “qualified family” vs measuring the actual sales themselves.

The meeting with the “couple” LEADS to the purchase of the insurance policy… so the LEAD measure for an insurance sales manager is how many appointments do my reps have vs how many policies they’ve sold.

Looking at the sales is like driving in the car and looking in the rear view mirror. They've already happened.  Measuring “appointments” will give you an indication of the reps success.

Ideas of LEAD Measures in your Relationship

  • Having meaningful conversation (attention men)
  • Being good at listening
  • Doing something nice for him or her (what did you do when you were dating)
  • Taking a walk… talking
  • Running an errand together (divide and conquer)
  • Offer to make a special meal (give him or her the night off)
  • Flowers at work (for women)  Take him to lunch.. or send lunch to his desk.
  • Act of Kindness… or thoughtfulness.
  • Being Present
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