In business, it’s totally acceptable, and recommended to see business consultant. 

I work as a consultant in the business world… sales, leadership, peak performance, mindset, game planning… I get hired to go into companies and share my expertise.   (Based on 35 years of working and consulting with companies around the globe)

Business Consulting is an accepted practice - Normal - Expected - Progressive

Example:  You’re a president, CEO or even VP of sales… and you want to improve the performance of your sales team, you either bring an expert in to work with your team… or you do it yourself.  If you could do it yourself, you probably would’ve done it already. So you bring in the expert.

Imagine your sales team struggling, yet you as the leader didn’t bring in any help, you just lashed out and got mad… how do you think that would work?

Step ONE:  Recognize and acknowledge that YOU or you and your partner need help.  In your biz, if your sales team is struggling, you must bring in an expert and change some things.  If you and your partner are struggling, you must acknowledge that and be proactive.


Dan’s perspective: Often times - an association or stigma attached to counseling or therapy.  (Yes in my life). Sign of weakness. No one in my family ever saw counseling as far as I know… and we had a plethora of divorces.

Message to MEN: get over it. Get rid of your ego and look at yourself as a free thinker, and innovator… someone who is going to change the game.  Change the result.


Step TWO: It’s OK. - No one is perfect, and we are complex individuals… with different backgrounds and beliefs… and we often times need help.  We have negotiators, advisors and boards of directors to guide us in business, we must have the same mentality in our relationships.

Step THREE: Find an expert that feels good to both of you.  This is a negotiation or a discovery:

  • Together
  • Separate
  • Male
  • Female


  • Must go into the situation with an open mind and a mindset to improve. 
    • If you sincerely don’t want to save your relationship, don’t waste your time.


Step FOUR:  Do the work


  • Some go to counseling for YEARS with no progress b/c they are not committed to doing the work.
  • Some go to appease their spouse
  • Some my think they don’t need it.


Summary: if you need help, get an expert, lower your ego and do the work.

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